Join us in Houston for the highly anticipated continuation of our successful conference, now expanded to a two-day event!

The Challenge:
The EPA reports that an estimated 2.2 million unplugged abandoned wells exist across the United States. Hundreds of thousands are missing from state databases, highlighting the challenge of tracking and researching these potentially hazardous sites. Orphan wells, devoid of a solvent owner, pose substantial risks to the environment and public health. They leak oil and toxic chemicals, jeopardize water wells, contribute to air pollution, and emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Moreover, they adversely impact local economies by depreciating property values and reducing funding for essential public services.

Government Initiatives:
Under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), the Department of the Interior has allocated $4.7 billion to facilitate the plugging and cleanup of orphan wells across federal land, states, private, and tribal lands. This initiative aims to mitigate environmental and health impacts while stimulating economic revitalization and job creation.

Texas' Role:
Texas, a pivotal state in the oil and gas industry, is at the forefront of addressing this challenge. In January of 2024, the Department of the Interior announced nearly $80 million in federal funding for orphan well plugging and site mediation in Texas. Under this grant, Texas will monitor methane emissions from plugged orphan wells, screen for effects on ground and surface water, and prioritize plugging wells in low-income areas. This award is part of the more than $320 million Texas is expected to receive to plug and maintain orphaned wells.

Progress Update:
So far, federal funds from the IIJA have successfully plugged 27 abandoned oil and gas wells in Duval, Starr, Webb, and Zapata counties. This progress demonstrates the tangible impact of collaborative efforts in addressing this critical issue.

What to Expect:
The 2024 Orphan and Idle Wells Texas Conference will feature expert-led sessions, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to foster collaboration and innovation. From exploring regulatory frameworks to showcasing cutting-edge technologies, our comprehensive program will offer valuable insights and actionable strategies for addressing orphan and idle wells.

Our Success Story:
Last year, we launched this conference with resounding success, bringing together over 150 attendees representing local, state, and federal agencies, energy producers, solution providers in the well plugging and monitoring sector, environmental non-profits, and academia. Building on the success of our inaugural conference, we are thrilled to announce that this year's event will span two days! This expansion will allow our attendees to delve deeper into the complexities of the issues at hand, participate in insightful discussions, and forge meaningful partnerships to drive tangible solutions forward.

Join Us:

The 2024 Orphan and Idle Wells Texas Conference is an essential platform for stakeholders to collaborate, share insights, and explore innovative solutions to tackle the challenges posed by orphan and idle wells. Together, we can pave the way for a more sustainable and responsible future in the oil and gas industry. Secure your spot at the conference and be part of the solution! For more information please contact Zia Durrani on zia.durrani@energyconferencenetwork.com



The Texas Orphan & Idle Well conference was very informative, covering a broad range of topics including the history of orphan wells, available federal funding, emissions monitoring, carbon credits, and plugging techniques from a diverse range of subject-matter experts.

Return on investment is what I focus on when I chose my conferences. The level of presentations were excellent and will further my knowledge in the orphan, idle, and abandoned well space.