Full Name
Dwayne Purvis
Job Title
Purvis Energy Advisors
Speaker Bio
Dwayne Purvis P.E. is a reservoir engineering consultant, writer/speaker, mentor and trainer. Relying on 25 years of experience across hundreds of studies and multiple leadership roles, Dwayne deconstructs complex engineering and strategic questions to help operators to make better decisions.

His engineering experience ranges over two dozen basins in the US and abroad, understanding wide varieties of geology and reservoir dynamics, including shale reservoirs since 2003, and many of those were performed to withstand cross-examination in contested settings. He has worked for clients ranging from individual royalty owners to major oil companies and state, federal and international government agencies and on numerous projects valued in the billions of dollars. He has served as executive, manager, or founder of multiple consulting firms, E&P production companies, investment funds, and other businesses for nearly two and a half decades. He now writes, speaks and teaches nationally on engineering methods, engineering processes, and ethics as well as industry dynamics and strategies.

Dwayne assists operators and owners to understand and to make the most of the complex and often confusing situations they face.
Dwayne Purvis